maandag 1 september 2008

an introduction to OUR WORLD ,OUR VISION ,OUR THING

hey there
: here the lil snippet of the creation called "HOME"

where we trie to spend as much time possible , the creative cathedral = claustrophobicly smAll

:what are the things we do? / well : erm all kinds of artistical thingies , as long as it's in a creative state of beign.

:upcomming in 2010 / a collaberation with a great street artist "EDO" and make a huge blend in of the "CATHEDRAL OF CONFUSION"style , mixed in with EDO graphix and visions . tsjekkit :

: expositions : as we are always open and looking for more exposure, interested? you certainly can give us a shout ....

THE CATHEDRAL IS MOST DEFFINITLY LOOKIN froth to it's colorfull exposure , in a rOcky KINDA way! for art u can have a look at: >>